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Withernsea Big Local Steering Group 

The Withernsea Big Local’s Steering Group is a group of volunteers who together are responsible for the overall direction of Big Local in Withernsea. Recently some resident members have left, due to personal circumstances changing, and we now have vacancies to be filled.
Are you interested in improving Withernsea?
 Are you publicly minded?
 Do you want to be part of helping the community?
If you say yes to some or all of the above then perhaps you could consider becoming a member of the Withernsea Big Local Steering Group. For more information about the role of the Steering Group please follow this link: https://www.withernseabiglocal.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/SteeringGroupRoleDescription.pdf
Even if you don’t think Steering Group Membership is for you we would delighted to see you and discuss with you how you would like to be involved
Stay in touch and share your ideas
 Help with a specific action to achieve its goals
 Propose an opportunity that meets our outcomes and vision
Please contact us on: info@withernseabiglocal.co.uk
We look forward to hearing from you.