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Withernsea Big Local Update 

New Projects supported and Updates to Ongoing Projects

New projects have recently been supported and funded by Withernsea Big

Local. These are:

  1. Picture Boards for the Promenade Hoardings
    The project will improve the visual amenity of all who utilise Central Promenade, Withernsea – for both residents and visitors. The first phase will have hoardings on the North facing edge. £1778 granted.
  2. One Step Ahead
    Storage for play equipment. One Step Ahead is a small community group made up of local Withernsea people running activities for children with additional needs or disabilities in the area, aged 4-16 and their siblings, parents and carers. £800 granted.
  3. Withernsea Play Park
    Funding for essential repairs and publicity for planned events. £750 granted.
  4. Withernsea Festivals, Music and Bike Fest
    Star Shade Shelter, crowd barriers and road signage. These will also be available in the Community Chest for all groups to access. For use please contact Withernsea Town Council who will deliver, collect and install as required. £10,857.35 granted.

We also have a number of ongoing requests from community groups and individuals. These will be made known when they have been approved.

Ongoing Projects Supported by Withernsea Big Local

1. Job Club
This continues to be very popular and has seen a continued rise in numbers attending. There are currently 40 people attending on a regular basis with eight having fund work since the Club started in January 2016.

2. Media/Creative Hub
Work is progressing well with this project and bids for additional funding are well advanced. Seaside Radio are working closely with the High School and are also looking for accommodation for the Hub.

3. Play Park
Work on the feasibility study being undertaken by Groundworks is still ongoing and will be reported on when they complete their work. In the meantime we are supporting developments at the Play Park as stated earlier .

Withernsea Big Local also attends and has representatives on a number of groups that are working to improve Withernsea. These include the Withernsea and South East Holderness Regeneration Partnership and it’s sub groups, the Youth Coalition and the Millennium Play Park Steering Group.

We also have a Development Worker who engages with many groups within the town to help them with requests for funding and technical assistance. The Development worker can be contacted with the communities thoughts and ideas via our website on info@withernseabiglocal.co.uk or by leaving a written message at Shores for our attention.

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