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Withernsea Big Local Plan Review 

Withernsea Big Local Plan Review: May 2015 – March 2016 (10 months)

This review was written by the Withernsea Big Local Trust Representative on behalf of the Big Local Withernsea Partnership, is based on a Review Workshop which took place at the SHoRes Centre in Withernsea on 17th March 2016. It is structured around the nine questions which form the Local Trust requirement for the Review process which is triggered on the expiry of the current Grant Agreement. The nine questions are:

  1. What have you done against what was in the plan?
  2. What money have you spent?
  3. What impact have you had?
  4. What have you learned?
  5. Have you progressed on your vision and priorities?
  6. Do you need to refresh your vision and priorities?
  7. How do your refreshed vision and priorities relate to the achievement of the Big Local outcomes?
  8. Do you need a new or revised plan, or will you carry on with the existing plan?
  9. How do you know this is what your community wants?

The full review document can be downloaded here.