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Pictures Boards – what a great idea 

Beginning of 2016 there was just Teddys Nightclub naked hoardings, which were admittedly not a very nice sight. So along came three enterprising men with a great idea. Why not put up some picture boards depicting the history of our town? Over the period of a year pictures where collated by Torkel Larsen and Godfrey Holmes, which appeared first on Torkel’s website “Withernsea in Pictures” (http://www.withernsea1.co.uk/). From there Phil Mathison came up with the idea for the 27 boards.
Withernsea Big Local was approached and the application for funds was granted. So full steam ahead with Phase 1 and the first 5 pictures which were hung by ERYC on 18th July 2016.
There was an immediate and overwhelming positive response from the public and it was decided to follow up with Phase 2, also funded by Withernsea Big Local.
By the 11th April 2017 the rest of the pictures were produced and then hung again by ERYC.
The response to all of these pictures was amazing. Local people and visitors alike love to wonder along the hoardings now and explore the local history, hoping to find may be an ancestor among the faces.
This project has been a resounding success; really benefiting the Community of Withernsea.