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Investing in Withernsea Fund

What is it?

A mechanism that will invest in groups and individuals who can champion ideas focused on the Withernsea Big Local vision and outcomes

“In 10 years time we want to see a Withernsea where all people…

  • Benefit from a thriving and enterprising local economy.
  • Enjoy a green and clean environment.
  • Live in a strong, united community.”

We are looking for passionate people and groups, who can help make this happen. Be willing to learn, share and grow their great ideas.

What support will be available?

The Big Local Worker will be the first point of contact. A great opportunity to talk through your idea before putting pen to paper.

The Worker may also give some pointers about other opportunities, suggest links with similar work that’s already going on.

They may even source additional support that’s needed to develop your idea further; putting things in place before submitting an application.

Who can apply?

Applications can be made from either:

  • Individuals,
  • Charitable organisations,
  • Partnerships.

A business with social objectives would be accepted but we will need to check how any profit generated will benefit the Withernsea Community.

If your application is accepted The Investing in Withernsea Fund may perform some health checks to ensure the idea is deliverable and accountable.

What can’t be funded?

  • Political activity;
  • The furtherance of religion;
  • Services which are or should be provided by statutory services;
  • Activities for beneficiaries who live outside Withernsea


How will request for support will be assessed?

Support will be given from the Big Local Worker, helping applicants to understand the process. However the Worker will not have decision making powers on the assessment panel.

The assessment panel will consist of local residents, they may co-opt non-voting partners to give guidance if a proposal appears to be technical.

The panel will use a scoring criteria that will check how your idea is:

  • Focused on our outcomes and vision
  • Deliverable and safe
  • Community led
  • Value for money
  • Complementary to other activities.


How Much?

The Steering Group agreed to designate a value within the plan for Investing in Withernsea Funding, but decided not to set a value for applying groups and individuals.

They felt a set value per application may restrict ideas, or wrongly suggest a value for groups to apply for. Therefore ideas should work to the budget that’s needed.

The Big Local Worker will offer support to help plan these budgets. They may also explain how the idea could be delivered in stages and/or attract money from elsewhere.

The panel anticipate some ideas may only need start-up costs to further generate community interest. However if ideas appear to be a major investment, the panel may need to consider the need for a feasibility study or another support model e.g. social loans.

More Information

Download our Investing in Withernsea Flyer here

For more information or to keep in touch please use our Get in touch page.