Withernsea Big Local|Saturday, January 16, 2021
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© www.visithullandeastyorkshire.com

Withernsea Big Local

Big Local is a ground breaking, resident led programme to achieve lasting change in 150 small areas across England. Each of the 150 areas, of which Withernsea is one, will receive at least £1m funding and a range of support and additional funding to make their area an even better place to live. Big Local is run by Local Trust and partners and funded by a Big Lottery Fund investment.

In addition to the £1 million, an additional £20,000 has been granted to help the Big Local Steering Group with starting up costs e.g. website, stationery and equipment to attend local events, as well as administration cost for meetings & room hire.

The £20,000 is also to help the steering group get the information out to the local residents, so they can give feedback on what the residents would like to see for the future of Withernsea.

Once the consultation process is completed, the aspirations and priorities expressed by residents are reflected in a plan which will include actions to help realise the vision for Withernsea. The plan is then appraised by Local Trust which triggers the release of funding to action the proposals in the plan. This money is entrusted to an independent organisation called the Local Trusted Organisation (LTO) which holds and manages the funding on behalf of the Withernsea Big Local Steering Group.

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