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Funded Projects

Projects Funded by Withernsea Big Local

This page lists the projects funded by Withernsea Big Local – Page is arranged by most recent first.
Total projects funded to date £656,321

Funding 2020

Millenium Green Play Park – Todler Area
A total refurbishment of the todler area with a totally inclusive play equipment as well as “mini Pier Towers”
£64,761 funded

Funding 2019

IIW Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union

WBL commissioned the services of the HEYCU, initially for three years, to extend their presence in Withernsea. A paid Development Officer is available for advice on all their services for 20 hours per week in addition to the already existing 0.5 day run by Volunteers at the Shores Centre.
The investments are made up of £69,232.00 for the three-year service as well as £30,000.00 for an evergreen Subordinated Loan; to be reviewed and renewed for a further year on an annual basis.
£99,323 funded





IIW Citizens Advice Hull & East Riding

WBL commissioned the Citizens Advice Hull & East Riding to deliver and extend their services to the Withernsea Community. An Advice Adviser trained to a minimum Level III will be based at the Shores Centre for 1.5 days per week in addition to the already existing 1 day covered by a Volunteer. The full spectrum of help is available as well as the chance of getting trained to work as a Volunteer for Citizens Advice here in Withernsea.
£91,707 funded



IIW 35 Withernsea Pier and Promenade Association

Funding for Architects and Structural Engineering fees to complete detailed technical drawings for stage one of the Pier, the Viewing Platform.
Completed drawings to RIBA stage 4 is a requirement for funding and construction of the first stage. Without this work, the pier association would not be able to go out to tender to get costs for construction and would not be able to apply for funding for the construction.
£ 12,900 awarded



IIW 34 Withernsea Art Club

Display boards to professionally display our artwork, giving Withernsea residents the feeling they are attending an art gallery. The boards, poles and bases are an asset that could be used by other groups wanting to display their work or details of their events and activities.
£1,900 funded.





Funding 2018

IIW 33 Belvedere Play Area
The Belvedere play park, just off the promenade next to the boating club, has been freshened up and enhanced with new bright coloured and attractive play equipment.
£31,511 granted.






IIW 32 Electrical upgrade of Valley Gardens
Electrical rectification work to achieve a safe, accessible electrical supply which is future proofed. Replace the existing lamp post lights with new economical LED fittings and high output floodlights to improve the overall lighting which is currently poor. New external power points to be fitted at high level to facilitate catering or trade vans. In the long term this could lead to more diverse events such as food festivals, markets and fairs, which, with the better lighting could also enable evening/night time use.
£15,934 granted.





IIW 31 Withernsea High School 6th Form 1st Aid at Work Course
First Aid training for 6th form students at Withernsea High School
£1,000 granted.




IIW 30 – Picture This – replacement of outmoded equipment
The Withernsea Big Local grant has enable the club to modernise their equipment to keep up the standard that people have come to expect.
£2,604 granted.







IIW 29 – Meridian Centre CIO
Match funding for part time centre manager (21 hr/w) for a period of two years to carry out all administration of the centre including promoting the facilities, organising rotas of volunteers, preparing monthly reports, attending meeting, budgeting and ensuring compliance with legal and insurance requirements.
£9,000 granted.






IIW 28 – Millennium Play Park signs
The current signs have oxidised due to the weather, so the information is no longer readable. This leaves the parks users unaware of who is managing the park and who to contact in regards to maintenance.
To provide four signs displaying essential information for the parks visitors, including emergency information and how to report damages.
£360 granted.






IIW 27 – TEN Youth Job Club SHoRes Job Club has been established with the backing of Withernsea Big Local to help people from Withernsea and surrounding areas get the support they need to gain employment, our aim is to provide jobseekers from all backgrounds gain the tools, skills and confidence they need to take that step into employment. This project aims to engage young people aged 14-19 in employability skills development.
£4,850 granted




IIW 26 – Cultural Hub, ST Matthews Church
Oak stage along with chairs
Funding for a permanent oak stage into the nave at the chancel steps in order to facilitate a performance space for drama and music. The stage has to be of solid oak to be complimentary to a Grade II listed Arts and Craft Church.
Also funding for stackable black steel beech laminate chairs; again to compliment a Grade II Church, so we can provide seating for an audience in a space where we would clear the pews.
£12,481 granted




Funding 2017

IIW 25 – First Aid Course
St John Ambulance “Essential First Aid” Course for 14 Carnival volunteers.
£500 granted






IIW 24 – Withernsea Community Rooms, Methodist Church
Match funding for materials to re-decorate the large hall and two smaller ante-rooms, one of which will house an ancillary kitchen.
£5,270 granted





IIW 23 – Beneath the Guiding Light
Host workshops in the bungalow in the lighthouse grounds. Book a quality band and put on “The last night of the proms” event in the lighthouse gardens.
£3,500 granted






IIW 22 – Seafront Initiative – Fountains
Work is planned to start on the installation of a series of pavement fountains on Withernsea’s central promenade, becoming the first on the East Yorkshire coast. The fountains, a key part of the Withernsea Seafront Improvement Plan, are being funded by Big Local, Westermost Rough at DONG Energy and East Riding of Yorkshire Council and will cost around £311,000.
£191,000 granted






IIW 21 –  Withernsea Market Traders Feasibility Study and Business Plan
The study was commissioned to determine if the idea of developing the market as a social enterprise, with the premises and assets held in common ownership and the business controlled by the traders, is feasible.
£7,480 granted.





IIW20 – Withernsea Pier and Promenade Association
Feasibility Study to determine if this project is technically possible, taking into consideration the location, environmental conditions (wave, wind and flooding), shipping and access to the site.
Outline of the key design standards and key parameters that would need to be considered, and determine a rough cost of each of the four stages of construction based on best and worst case scenarios.
£5,940 granted





IIW 19 – Withernsea Public Health & Wellbeing Partnership
Accommodation, food and refreshments and outdoor equipment to support the local delivery of the Mediation and Self-help (SMASH) project enabling 32 young people aged between 12 & 16 to benefit.
£2,716 granted



IIW 18 – Withernsea High School “A day in the life of”
Transport to a NHS career based information and experience day at the clinical training centre in Hull.
£275 granted.



IIW 17 – Withernsea Entertainers
Laptop PC, costumes, lighting and equipment plus contribution towards publicity materials, room rental and storage to enable staging of a free Community Pantomime and support future productions.
£4,000 granted






IIW 16 – Play Action
Play Park Inspection Course to train volunteers in play equipment maintenance and inspection to enable upkeep of play equipment on Millennium Play Park.
£840 granted






IIW 15 – Promenade Picture Boards
Beginning of 2016 there was just Teddys Nightclub empty hoardings, which were admittedly not a very nice sight. So along came three enterprising men with a great idea. Why not put up some picture boards depicting the history of our town?
£8,198 granted (including £1,000 contingency for replacement or repairs)





Funding 2016

IIW 14 – Withernsea Residents Community Group
Three year funding agreement to cover purchase of a van, application of Big Local logo and maintenance costs, and 30 x collapsible tables to be held as a community resource for the Town.
£14,000 granted




IIW 13 – Millennium Play Park Events
Funding for essential repairs and publicity for planned events.
£750 granted.






IIW 12 – Withernsea Festivals
Star Shade Shelter, crowd barriers and road signage. These will also be available in the Community Chest for all groups to access. For use please contact Withernsea Town Council who will deliver, collect and install as required.
£10,857 granted.





IIW 10 – One Step Ahead
Storage for play equipment. One Step Ahead is a small community group made up of local Withernsea people running activities for children with additional needs and/or disabilities in the area; for children aged 4-16, their siblings, parents and carers.
£800 granted.





IIW 05 – Withernsea Junior School Rock Challenge
Each year Rock Challenge involves thousands of young people, who are given the opportunity to spread their creative wings and to build their confidence and self-esteem.
£900 granted






IIW 03 – Withernsea Job Club
Local people looking for work will now be able to seek advice and support from a new job club at the Shores Centre Withernsea. Launched in January 2016, it aims to provide intensive one-to-one support to job seekers in Withernsea by providing access to resources and expertise to help Withernsea residents realise their employment and learning aspirations.
£12,000 granted




IIW 02  – Withernsea Play Park Feasibility
Big Local agreed to fund a feasibility study for the Park which included a community consultation exercise, a master plan & design concept and a finance strategy. The work was carried out by Groundworks. The image shows a visualisation from the Millennium Green Park Master Plan. The Plan features an exciting and innovative range of new play facilities and equipment for children and young people, including those with disabilities.
£9,090 granted.






IIW 01 – Seaside Radio Media Hub
Creating a hub for young people to explore their musical talents.
£25,000 granted


Getting Started Funding 2015

To promote the plan and encourage wider partnership involvement. After an open commissioning process the following groups were funded:

  • Summer Time Special / BikeFest
    £2,600 granted
  • Withernsea Resident Community Group – Received funding to purchase 6 Withernsea Big Local branded gazebos for open community use.
    £2,274 granted


Getting Started Funding 2014

To raise awareness of Big Local, encourage local involvement and support the partnership to create a community plan and vision. Getting Started Community Awards were made to say a special thank you to groups that have played a big part in the community. Process helped raise the profile for Big Local and encourage more people to get involved. Awards were made to the following groups after a public vote.

  • Scouts  £100
  • Guides £100
  • Millennium Play Park £100
  • Christmas Lights £100
  • Whitethorn Community Centre £100
  • Withernsea Resident Community Group £400


Getting Started Funding 2013

  • Withernsea Resident Community Group – Received funding for a community fireworks display. £1000