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The New Withernsea Big Local Plan 2017 – 2020 

We are pleased to present the New Withernsea Big Local Plan June 2017 – May 2020, which was approved by Local Trust from the 1.June.2017.

As with our first Plan over ten years the Big Local Programme aims are to achieve the following 4 Outcomes:

• Communities will be better able to identify local needs and take action in response to them
• People will have increased skills and confidence, so that they continue to identify and respond to needs in the future
• Priorities identified will make a difference to the local community
• People will feel that their area is an even better place to live

Our New Plan includes two new outcome areas “Active and Healthy Lives” and “Leaning Community”.

Our Vision is of a clean and attractive environment with a thriving economy, people enjoying active healthy lives, gaining new knowledge, skills and confidence, in a town full of opportunities created by local people for now and for the future.

In ten years’ time we want to see a Withernsea where all people experience improved wellbeing and:

  • Enjoy a clean and attractive environment
  • Benefit  from a thriving and enterprising local economy
  • Enjoy active, healthy lives
  • Benefit from being a part of a learning community
  • Live in an active, strong, fair and united community


Here is the link to the full Withernsea Big Local  Plan 2017 – 2020. :  https://www.withernseabiglocal.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Plan-2017-2020-180717-FINAL.pdf