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Community Grant Scheme

The Community Grant Scheme offers community groups, charitable organisations and individuals in Withernsea the opportunity to apply for funding,
£200 to £500, to make a difference to their local community.

You may be eligible to apply if you can show how your idea can make a difference towards one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Enjoy a clean and attractive environment
  • Benefit from a thriving and enterprising local economy
  • Enjoy active, healthy lives
  • Benefit from being part of a learning community
  • Live in an active, strong, fair and united community

Support will be given to you from the Community Link Worker to help you understand the process and guide you through the application.
For more information, please call 01964 615190 or email carolyn@withernseabiglocal.co.uk – we are in the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 9am and 2pm.


Timetable for applications for 2018 / 2019

15th August 2018 at 11.00am
Workshop / Information Event
SHoRes Centre, 29-31 Seaside Road, Withernsea
28th September 2018
Closing date for
*Early October Decision on Applications
*Mid-October Notification to Groups and payment of successful applications
*Early-mid December Workshop / Information Event
SHoRes Centre, 29-31 Seaside Road, Withernsea
*End January 2019 Closing date for
*Early February 2019 Decision on Applications
*Mid-February 2019 Notification to Groups and payment of successful applications
* Dates to be confirmed



Outcome Statement

Outcome statement If we achieve our Outcomes we would expect to see progress towards…
Enjoy a clean and attractive environment A diverse range of open spaces for recreational and leisure use
Clean and attractive public spaces in our town that residents and visitors will want to use and enjoy
A broader range of leisure activities
Benefit from a thriving and enterprising local economy An increased number of new business start-ups with an emphasis on opportunities for young people and social enterprises
An increase in inward investment evidenced by greater economic activity creating local employment
More job opportunities for local people
Activities to increase local people’s chances of getting jobs
Increased income to individuals, families and groups, people receiving benefits to which they are entitled, opportunities for improved money management and to encourage saving
Enjoy active, healthy lives People taking more control of their health and its determinants and increasing their health
Increased involvement in active sport, health promotion and wellbeing programmes and social activities
People remaining healthier and more active as they age
Benefit from being part of a learning community A range of opportunities for people to learn from experience and gain transferable skills, knowledge and qualifications
More local people with the skills they need to collect and use information, organise, plan and manage better
A network of confident community activists with a belief that things can be changed and improved
Support for locally based community and voluntary organisations
Live in an active, strong, fair and united community Local people active in community organisation
Community groups running services and activities bringing people together in a range of community facilities
Support and exchange networks
A wide range of volunteering opportunities and an increase in the number of people regularly volunteering
Projects and programmes have equal opportunity policies and promote equal opportunities
The needs of any excluded individuals and groups are understood



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a Withernsea Big Local Community Grant? Community groups or individuals can apply to help them run a new local project.  Community groups must be not-for-profit and hold a bank account requiring at least two signatories.  If your project involves contact with children or vulnerable adults you will need to satisfy us that all the required Vetting and Barring checks have been carried out.
What will Withernsea Big Local Community Chest not fund? Projects which are for religious purposes, political activities, projects from public organisation that meet a statutory duty, projects which exclude certain members of the community, projects which will only benefit one individual, projects that do not benefit people living or attending school in Withernsea.
Funding will not be provided on a retrospective basis and groups should not commit themselves to the project before any final decision is made.
I run my own business but do a lot for the community, am I still able to apply? No. Local Trust do not permit funding of private businesses.
I run a social enterprise, am I able to apply? No. Withernsea Community Grants are specifically to encourage smaller projects developed and delivered by individuals and community groups. Social enterprises are encouraged to discuss Investing in Withernsea funding with the Withernsea Big Local Development Officer.
Can I make more than one application? You can apply as many times as you like. Each application must be for something different and you can only have one successful application per 12-month period.
Will there be more than one opportunity to apply to the Community Grant Scheme? Yes. There will be four opportunities to apply in the first year. This first year (2018/2019) is a pilot that will be used to improve how the Withernsea Big Local Community Grant Scheme operates in 2019/2020.
What if I need to apply for more money than the Community Grant Scheme offers (£200-£500)? If your application meets at least one of our five outcomes and you need to apply for more than £200-£500, you can apply to the Investing in Withernsea fund.
Who decides which applications are funded? What if the number of grant applications meeting the criteria exceeds the grant funding for that quarter? Resident members of the Withernsea Big Local Steering Group will make decisions about funding at the end of each quarter. The Community Link Worker and the Development Officer do not make decisions about which projects are funded.
Projects will be assessed against the published criteria and members will consider demand and resources available in reaching their decision.
How will I know if my application has been successful? The Community Link Worker will contact the groups, following the decision made by the Investing in Withernsea sub-group, to advise whether the application was successful or not.
Our group is struggling to think of what to spend the money on. Can Big Local help us come up with an idea? Have a look on our website www.withernseabiglocal.co.uk and look at the Big Local Plan. Our Vision and Outcome Statements can be found on pages 11-13. This will give you an idea of how we want to make improvements to the town. Your idea can be anything that moves the plan forward. Look at the Local Trust website www.localtrust.org.uk to see what projects are being funded in other Big Local areas.
Once we receive the money, how long do we have to spend it? A grant offer letter will be produced when your application is successful. You will have one year from the date on the letter to spend the funding. A case study will need to be carried out, for feedback purposes, between the Community Link Worker and the group, after the money has been spent.
What happens if my application is submitted later than the closing date? We cannot accept applications after the closing date. You will be contacted by the Community Link Worker who will advise you of the next round of applications so that you can re-submit your application.


Application for Grant

Click here to download an application form

Click here to download application guidance notes